my sheep

I’ve been making glass sheep beads for quite a while and while most of them have moved on to greener pastures I do have a few still at home so I thought I would share them with you.


On August 17 2010 I decided that to get my creative juices flowing again I would doodle my way thorough the alphabet.  My plan was to do a letter a day but by the time September 8  rolled around I was up to “F” ; it’s like I dropped off of the face of the earth which isn’t too far from how I was feeling.  Sometime in early November I started looking into Fibonacci and the Golden Mean, now I had used the Fibonacci number sequence; 1-1-2-3-5-8-13  in weaving but that didn’t go too far as weaving really isn’t my thing but now I was looking into his sequencing in what is know as the golden mean more like doodling.  On Dec 27 I got an email linking me to Lori Greenburg’s blog;  http://lorigreenberg.com/blog/  I was signed up to Lori’s blog because she is a lampwork artist and does a really good blog with great pictures which I hoped would inspire me in my lampworking , anyway her blog on Dec 27 was all about Mathematical doodling and she had a link to Vi Hart’s blog  http://vihart.com/doodling/ .  I have spent hours watching Vi’s videos and doodling along but that too passed.  On Jan 13 2011 Lori posted a link to a real time doodle session and mentioned ZenTangle. At about the same time another friend mentioned ZenTangle videos on youtube which I then went hunting for and found oodles of and they are great fun.

I find the timing of this all very interesting because on Jan 12 2011 I had started my alphabet doodling again. So now I’m going to show you some pictures of my latest doodles, if you haven’t already left because this was way to boring for you to follow me in my doodling adventure.

The ones that follow are not part of the Alphabet doodles but just playing with tangles.

playing with doodles

More play time

Now if I haven’t bored you too much go check out Vi’s blog and Lori’s


My sister-in-law Joan asked about the hat I said I was going to make with the yarn in my last post but as I don’t have that yarn finished  here are 3 hats I have finished.

Shetland Sheep cabled hat

I love the colours in this hat. Side view


I called this one Lizzie and here's the top of hat

Lovin Winter

I call this one Lovin Winter and it's my favourite so far.

Lovin Winter

Lovin Winter fron view.

blue faced leicester BFL

The other day my friend Maggie asked me what I was spinning; so here it is Maggie.

It’s Blue Faced Leicester which is a long wool breed with very fine soft fibre. It is one of my favourite fibres to spin and knit with.  This roving has been blended with silk and dyed by my friend Jeanette of Hummingbird Fibre Arts.  I took the skeins of fibre and split them in 2 length wise and rolled them into ball for easy spinning.  I don’t really know what I was thinking when I decided to ply these three together but It will make a cute hat.

blue faced leicester

blue faced leicester roving

Three bobbins full ready to ply.

blue faced leicester on bobbins

blue faced leicester on bobbins

And this is the yarn I ended up with.

blue faced leicester 3 ply yarn

blue faced leicester 3 ply yarn

Now I will set the twist by soaking it in warm water and then hanging it to day.

First snow of 2010 Nov. 20

Yesterday we had our first snow fall, way to early to suit me, but here it is.  So here we are on the 21 of the month and the snow is still here and the temp is

0 c or 32 F and it’s snowing.  This is this years photo of the Blue spruce in our yard.

First snow 2010

A Foggy Day

Fred and Duke walking in the fog at Quallicum Beach.


I was looking through my bead stash and found some that I really like so here they are, both sides of each bead.