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I’ve been making glass sheep beads for quite a while and while most of them have moved on to greener pastures I do have a few still at home so I thought I would share them with you.


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I made this set of lampwork beads a while ago and still haven’t made anything with them. I had planed on making a necklace and earrings and I still think my earring idea is good but I need a new idea for the necklace.  So I’ve asked my friend Sarah what she would do but she is a little busy with family so I will have to just look at them for a while. I thought I’d post the pictures so you could see the before and after, when the after happens.

flowers-for-necklaceclose-up-flowers-for-necklaceflowers-for-earringsI’m thinking of using copper them but haven’t really decided yet.

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Here are a few more sets of lampwork beads that I made the other day.

I have 2 other blue sets

head-over-heal-summers-eve-This is another tiny set in pink but I used a opalino pink glass.

sweet-opal-pink-One last set in a pinky beige with a multi coloured frit. I used imitation mint green pearls to accent the beads.


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After spending the last week making jewelry and then yesterday from noon till 10 pm making boxes I finally got all my things together. This morning I took it all to the Winter Wonderland Christmas Gift Sale at our local Arts Council Gallery. The took pictures of most of it but here are some pictures of it laid out on the table before packing them up.

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Thanks Mallory for including me in your Treasury!!


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I really think there is something in me that functions artistically (speaking)better when I’m depressed than when I’m happy.  I started out yesterday feeling very low but torching always makes me feel better. It did take my whole torching session to get out of my blue funk and I love the beads I made so now I just have to figure a way to have a few days of torching while depressed and not get happy.  I seem to be confusing myself with this line of thinking, well here’s a picture

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That’s me, I just love all that glass. I have some focals from a few days ago and some sets.

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